Ergonomic Diamond Painting Pen


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This Ergonomic Diamond Painting Pen is uniquely designed to help those of us with anything that may affect your ability to grip a pen in a traditional. Now you can enjoy Diamond Painting for longer periods of time even if you suffer with these challenges! 

The special wishbone shape allows for a completely new way of gripping the pen - using your forefinger placed through the "Y" of the wishbone. It allows you to use your whole hand to guide and press down on the pen without straining the same ligaments a traditional grip would aggravate. The moderately thick, slightly curvy barrel is comfortable and the smooth silicone finish allows for secure grip and comfort.

***About my Pens***

My modified Diamond Painting Pens have had all of the ink removed from them, and drill tips are secured with high quality epoxy adhesive and reinforced inside the pen with a wooden dowel, whenever possible. You won't be disappointed, and your crafting friends will soon be asking you where you got your new accessories!

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you may have. I'm happy to answer you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for visiting The Dancing Daisy and Happy Diamond Painting!!!

Hey Y'all. I'm Lisa and the creator of The Dancin Daisy.  Helping people has always been my passion. I was a paramedic/firefighter for 30 plus years, until I retired in 2016.  I have been crafting as stress relief all of my life, and now am able to spend lots of time creating things.

Now that I don't work on an ambulance or firetruck, I have found a new passion...I love creating new items for you to enjoy! 

I love the rivers, lakes, and beaches here in, and around, South Louisiana, so I have started creating items with oyster shells and fish scales. It makes me happy to create items that will make others smile and fulfills my need of "helping" by making you happy! :)

Also, whether its Diamond Painting or any kind of Needle Work - I like to create new items, embellish items, or re-purpose items for your crafting enjoyment. A lot of people tend to wear my pieces as a magnetic brooch, so they do not put holes in their expensive clothing.

I treat each piece that I create with love and care. I am able to customize most anything so don't hesitate to reach out and ask!

What an honor it is to be affiliated with  I can TRULY help people now!  And there is nothing more rewarding to me, than helping a child in need!

So, Thank You.  Thank you all for shopping small businesses and THANK YOU for being a part of the  #caringeconomy and shopping on #goimagine.  YOU are helping children, too!  And, last but definitely not least, Thank You for visiting The Dancin' Daisy!

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