Faux Suede Fringe Earrings, Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange, Brown, Teal, Black, Rose Gold, Silver, Bronze, Gold, Simple Earrings, Boho Earrings


About this Product

These Faux Suede Fringe Earrings are made with a super soft and durable microfiber lace and come with hypoallergenic hardware in your choice of finish colors: Rose Gold(discontinued), Bronze, Gold(discontinued), or Stainless Steel. These earrings are approximately 4 inches long, with the fringe portion measuring approximately 3 3/4 inches. Too long? You can trim this to your own preferred length! Choose from 8 different fringe colors : Blue, Purple, Pink, Cream, Teal, Brown, Orange, or Black. 

The Burn Boutique


Meet the Maker

With a background in Film and Photography I've always loved creating. Wood working has long been a hobby of mine, and now I've learned so much about graphic design and laser cutting. Its exciting to see what I can produce melding these hands on and digital tools.

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I bought the Personalized Fish Name Sign and it was worth every penny! A Christmas gift for my bro's family and his MIL that live with them. "Heart and Sole"! I would definitely buy from them again!!

Christina M Bonnabel