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Offering 1.5 ounce jars of local raw bee pollen.
Consuming local pollen is a folk medicine way to minimize seasonal allergies.

Take 1/4 teaspoon a day for 2 months prior to the pollen starts flying. One jar contains approximately 34 days of pollen consumption.

Keep fresh and wholesome by storing in the fridge or freezer.

These are the types of pollens common to the Northeast United States. Gently harvested and dried in North New Jersey.

My honeybees are kept in my backyard in Montclair Heights, NJ and in the middle of Troy Meadows, NJ (, a 3,000+ acre mix of woods, meadows, and wetlands.

The foraging radius for these honeybees include these towns and parks in Morris, Essex, and Passaic counties: Troy Hills, Parsippany, Lake Hiawatha, Pinebrook, West Essex Park, Fairfield, he western edge of Livingston, Hanover, and East Hanover, Cedar Knolls, Whippany, Montclair, West Patterson, Woodland Park, Little Falls, Verona, Cedar Grove, North Caldwell, West Orange, Glen Ridge, Bloomfield, Nutley

Troy Meadows, being located in the middle of marshlands surrounded by suburbia is a surprisingly healthy place for the bees. Consistent moisture and diverse ecosystems provide a well-balanced diet. My bees are NOT exposed to large scale agricultural pesticides, as they might be in more rural areas. Pollen and Honey I sell are very clean and healthy for us, too.

Savor each pollen granule -- you are eating a delicacy. The honey bees collect the pollen and mix it with tiny traces of nectar or honey so it sticks together as a tiny ball then they carry it back to the hive on their hind legs. Each pollen granule is unique and are very rich and quite strong in flavor. One tastes minty, another lemony, at third bitter, and others, yeasty. Honeybees sweeten each granule with flower nectar or with their own honey.

Quantities are limited. So I'm not offering quantities suitable for superfoods. Instead, my pollen is being offered to anyone in the Zone 6 growing areas of the United States who want to use the homeopathic techniques or to anyone with the curiosity to explore unique flavors.

This is powerful stuff. Allow your body time to get used to it. Start with 1-3 grains per day. Let them dissolve under your tongue. Over a period of days, increase your dosage by a few grains until you can finally handle 1/4 teaspoon. Sprinkle your cereal, yogurt, salad. Eat straight.

But, please, Please, PLEASE, Discontinue if you experience a strong allergic reaction.

(The pictures above were taken at Troy Meadows, Montclair, NJ, and on a rooftop near KoreaTown in New York City.)

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We hope you enjoy these wonderful gifts from the bees.

In 2007 I was looking for work and spending lots of time around the house. My kids enjoyed the extra time with Dad, but my wife, not so much. She signed me up for some adult education courses in town. Having always been interested in beekeeping, I enrolled in an introduction course. Years later this hobby has grown into a fascinating sideline.

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