Giggles And Nibbles

We are Brunna and Cristina, a bipolar manic niece/aunt duo! Whenever our mania hits, our outlet is obsessing over a new arts & crafts project and making a million of each thing.

Cristina is the craftiest person Brunna knows, and she has made everything from clay dolls, to lending libraries, to Cake Boss-worthy cakes, and more! Brunna and Cristina's daughter grew up wearing the most beautiful, unique dresses that Cristina made them. Right now, Cristina's obsession is macrame and wood-working. 

We have dozens of different styles of macrame pacifier clips, teethers, keychains, and essential oil infusers to make your car or room smell great! We also have tons of birdhouses and squirrel feeders, and have been building Free Lending Libraries to set up in low income neighborhoods around our city.

So help us fund our coping mechanism by checking out our store and buying a few goodies for yourself! Make sure to check back often, since you never know what the next manic product will be!

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