Glowing Strat SSS Style Guitar Body - Custom Glow in the Dark Guitar Body - One Piece 3D printed Guitar Body

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About this Product

Looking for an SSS Strat Style Body that's sure to be different than ALL the rest?
MAD Made Creations is proud to introduce our new line of 1-piece 3D printed guitar bodies. We aim to provide unique and one of a kind, professional grade musical equipment and parts- for the professional and amateur alike.

This SSS Strat Style Guitar body is a true 1:1 scale and professionally 3D printed in ONE piece, using our in house industrial 3D printers. The one piece production of these guitar bodies ensure the resulting instrument sounds great, stays in tune (no material creep or flex) and will last for years to come (just like any other standard quality guitar body). If your looking for a unique and one of a kind QUALITY musical instrument, don't be fooled by multi-piece printed designs that can cause problems. Ensure your investment will sound great, is well built and will last years and years to come!

Some benefits of the single print design (as opposed to a multi-part print) include:

- No body weakness. When a guitar body is printed in multiple pieces, there are likely to be seams where the parts are joined together. These seams may be weaker than the rest of the material and could potentially break or crack over time, especially if the guitar is subjected to significant stress or strain.

- Great tone! - Printing in one piece allows the instrument body to have one resonance. Printing/assembling a guitar body with multiple pieces may prove difficult to achieve a consistent tone across the entire instrument once assembled - this is due to the parts having slightly different densities or resonant properties.

Our guitar bodies are available in multiple materials, including:
-PLA (Standard + Various Types such as woof-fill, glow in the dark)
-ABS (Upon Request)
- ASA (Upon Request)
- Carbon-Fiber Composites (Upon Request)

***Available Custom Design Edits:
In addition to our standard Printed body offerings, we are able to custom edit your wanted body/style to include any other aspects you may want incorporated.

Custom offerings and design edits to standard body/design include:

- Custom Design and shape edits. Let us reshape the guitar design to fit your wanted look & style. If you’re looking for something close to the standard design above (or not close!) Please contact us to see if we should start from scratch (custom guitar body design) or if we should edit an existing style.

- Custom Embossing & Body details (such as extra body engravements or details - for things such as logos or pictures etc.)

- Added Accessories - We can design/add custom pick holders, add electronics for lighting etc.)

- Multi material prints - We can produce these one-piece guitar bodies using multiple filaments/materials such as multiple glow in the dark colors, wood-filled materials with standard colors etc. Please contact us if you have any questions.

- Custom Finish - We offer additional Paint and Finishing services for our produced guitar bodies. Using unique materials such as Glow in the Dark etc. we can layer paint with the glowing effects to make truly unique finishes not available elsewhere. If you have a custom paint job in mind, please contact us for a quote!

***Please contact us if you are looking for additional design edits etc. - we are happy to assist.


Please allow 1-10 weeks for order processing

MAD Made Creations LLC

Jeannette, PA
Currently booked for our Custom Design orders until April 2024. Please message us if you would like to be added to our wait list for Custom Design…
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Josh (Our 30 year old Master Creator) was interested in CADD Design, 3D Modeling, and loved working with electronics for about 7 years. He began college for CADD/3D Modeling in 2014. Josh was team lead for a tech company doing a lot of intensive work with electronics and able to find jobs almost immediately in CADD/3D Modeling due to his high intelligence and passion for modeling! Shortly after he learned about 3D printing and has been 3D printing ever since. When he first started 3d printing, he started with a FDM PLA printer and now prints with both FDM PLA and SLA Resin printer. He loves being able to create and then print those creations. It started off as a hobby printing some Fan Art for around his home or office but then quickly turned into birthday presents for family and friends. He then began to make custom and functional things for around his home (gaskets, desk fan cover, adapters for his pool, cell phone stand, etc.) Not only does he love to 3D Model and 3D Print, he loves being able to bring joy to his customers by printing items from memorabilia to complete custom items. He was also able to use his talent and skills in early 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began by being able to print and provide ear savers for the company he worked for at the time. The word of the work Josh had done began to get out! In June of 2020 during the pandemic, Josh started MAD Made Creations LLC to spread his love of 3D printing and designing to others.

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How it’s Made

Made To Order. 3D Printed with PLA material

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