Custom Sterling silver I am enough affirmation spinner ring

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"I am enough" 1/2" wide band spinning ring in sterling silver in your custom size 

You're a child of the Universe or God or whatever it is that you believe in.

Known as Spinner rings, spinning rings, spin rings, worry rings, fidget rings and whew.. meditation rings!
Please be SURE of your 1/2" WIDE band ring size BEFORE you order this ring. 

Do the words "I am enough" strike a chord within you?

Maybe you can spin this and trust that you are already enough, just the way you are.

Meditate on your worth in this world, spin the old worn ideas that you are worthless away.

Spin to remind yourself you are worthy of love, and are of value here.

I've had customers email me to tell me that they spin to remind themselves they are worthy to not smoke, overeat or self harm. A visual reminder to just stop and breathe.

Breathe in "I am enough" and breathe out the negative thought. One spin per breath. I do this when I have anxiety. It helps. I don't know if it will help you, I can't promise anything.

It's not a cure all, it's not medicine, I make no claims.

What I DO know though, is what you focus on...grows.

We started making the "I am enough" spinner rings back in 2006ish. I really wanted to give people something tangible to hold and play with while they worked on internalizing the message that they are worthy, have value and deserve all the good stuff in life.

Maybe you know someone who could really use this message and wish to give them the gift of uplifting hope that they'll one day feel better about themselves.

Perfect for teenagers as a gift or anyone else who is struggling.

Is this ring a cure all? Of course not... but if it's true that we become what we think of, then maybe it will be a tool towards self worth.

Hope... we could all use some. Love, we could all use some of that too...loving yourself is the key to loving others. At least I think so :)

Spinner rings are great for worrying, fidgeting, anxiety as well as meditation. They can be a great focal point on top +of breathing to lower the anxiety levels and bring you back to a place of being centered. I wear mine on my thumb and mostly spin it when I'm meeting new people or in the line at the grocery store :) I know I'm repeating myself here's worth repeating!

And, if your story isn't over, please convo me about the semi colon added to the ring- whether it's on the inside where it's private, or on the outside where you can see it. I'd love to make this ring truly yours. I have two semi-colons to choose from (from "my story isn't over") and one is plain, the other has a heart - feel free to reach out and ask me for more photos of any stamps I have. I'm here to help! 

This ring is YOUR design ...or you can take one of my designs and keep it simple. You can have your inner wide band hammered or smooth or a bit of both - you can have your outer band smooth or hammered as well. I have a boatload of design stamps like hearts and birds and trees - if you want to add anything, I don't charge extra!

Hand crafted by yours truly, each spinner ring is made with my two hands and proudly in the USA!

LindaBoBinda's Designs

Hello! Welcome to my little corner of goimagine! Feel free to contact me with any questions! 30% off sale going on now!
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Meet the Maker

Hello, and welcome!! 

My name is Linda and I'm a lady metalsmith (Ladysmith!)

I specialize in custom, personalized hand stamped self esteem spinner rings but I also make many other things!

*All jewelry is infused with lots of music, fun energy and random hijinks ;)

Shop Policies

Welcome to LindaBoBinda's Designs. Everything I make is with my own hands. If you have any questions, please message me.

I love custom and personalized orders so if you see something in my designs and want it tweaked for your own ideas, let me know!

Please read my policies thoroughly, they're long and comprehensive in covering you, and me, valuable during custom orders. 

Please be available when you order custom items. I might have questions on details, thanks for understanding!

Please *** Please *** Please *** Know your wide band ring size PRIOR to ordering. This will save time on both sides! Questions, please convo me! I'm happy to help! 

I hope that you are completely satisfied with your order.

If there's a problem with your order, notify me immediately. 

I no longer offer cancellations after you order. 

At this time we can only offer free shipping in the US. Thank you for understanding! 

I am not responsible for packages that go missing or are damaged in transit. However, I will investigate missing packages and make every attempt to locate it. Please see my shipping policies. Please contact the post office with your tracking number and try to resolve it yourself before contacting me. They always ask me to make sure my customer contacted them first. If you contact me I'll be asking for the location of your local Post Office, the name of the person you spoke with and the phone number. This will ensure clear cut communication. 

There are NO refunds for custom orders on spinner rings. Please please pretty please get sized professionally for wide band ring before you order. They fit much tighter than narrow bands. Again, please get fitted professionally! Please contact me before ordering if you have any questions. 

If there is a "ready to buy" item and you want it in custom, convo me before you purchase the item. I'll send you the link to the custom item. My custom items are priced higher than ready to go items. 

I am pretty ocd about the details because I want to make a good, solid product and I love for my customers to be happy with what I make. 

Reviews mean a lot to me but customer service and sleeping at night mean more! 

I do not do refunds on any of my custom jewelry when I'm given the wrong size. I don't refund copper jewelry if it turns your fingers green.  Copper turns skin green depending on body chemistry. Sealing the copper with a thin layer of clear fingernail polish carefully will delay the coloring. I can't control body chemistry. 

I no longer repair spinner rings that have been damaged via extreme wear, or when it's been caught in car doors or when the owner tries to repair it themselves.  I will gladly make you another one for the same cost.  

I don't give refunds on rings or other jewelry because they tarnish. When an item is hand stamped, the recessed area is filled which will lighten up over time.

This is also true of jewelry that has been antiqued - just like color slowly coming out of hair, the high points in jewelry will possibly lose color over time. This is normal and to be expected.  

No returns or exchanges on custom stamped items that don't look 100% like the original listing. Handmade & custom lends itself to imperfections but I do quality control on each item before shipping.  

No earring refunds, exchanges or returns. All earrings are thoroughly inspected prior to shipping quality control. 

Please be sure you're clear on what you want, send pics, sketches and whatever else you like to convey your dream ring! 

I want this to be a positive experience for you! I have a 5 star rating and pride myself on superb customer service. Please contact me if you have any issues!

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Shop Reviews (7)

I ordered a custom sterling silver w/gemstone ring from LindaBoBinda's Designs. It's the first time I've ever ordered a custom jewelry item. I've always been a bit reluctant, especially with ring sizing. But Linda is the most patient custom-maker-artist-person ever! And the ring she made me is a treasure. The ring came securely packaged and in a pretty little jewelry gift box. Linda even included polishing cloths for the ring. A perfect transaction and I would not hesitate to recommend her shop to anybody. ♥♥


This ring was beautifully made. The shop owner was extremely helpful. Very pleased with my purchase.

Belinda Mason

Such charming charms! I added the dandelion seed and moonstone charms to the solstice pendant. Perfect to wear solo or along with one of my bead necklaces. Great communication and quickly shipped. Lovely designs. I'll be adding more to my collection.

Karen Reck