Large Bucket Hat, lightweight gray and beige hat with stitched embellishment, good for travel.

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Textured red leopard print fabric...unique statement hat!  Medium 23.5" head band.…

About this Product

Bucket Hat in gray and beige for a more dressy look. 

There are so many unique touches on this hat.

Moiré fabric in beige on the brim, a soft shade that is complimentary to any hair or skin color.

The hat band is in a medium gray shade, plain and simple with lace appliqué and simple hand embroidery to highlight.

Along the top of the hat hand is hand stitching to frame the top of the hat.

The hat top is a piece of vintage Irish linen that has been rescued and repurposed.

Part of this piece of linen is the lace appliqué in the band.

It has been very lightly stained with coffee to take the stark whiteness out.

Lined with a satin-like fabric that is soooo gentle to your hair.

This hat is soft and will fold and travel well, but will be willing to pop back to shape when you need it.

It is very light weight.

Completely handmade of repurposed fabrics. Eco-friendly and sustainable fashion for you.

Great gift for teens through adults.

Fiber content not known. This is a comfortable hat to wear.

At LOVEpiecefully, I am repurposing textiles into a new, usable form

Washable and reshape to dry. Cold water hand wash is recommended. Iron the brim if desired.

Measurements are approximate: 6.5" diameter top 2.5" band 3" Brim 23.5" circumference band

PLEASE READ: Colors of items when they arrive in your home may look different than they did on your screen. Differences in screens can distort colors. If you have questions regarding any item, please contact me!

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**IMPORTANT** Hats are NON Returnable. Please be sure to measure your head! (message me, I'll coach you on how to do it!). Ask me questions...I want you to make an educated purchase!


Henry, VA
Welcome! The important thing to know is that I use up cycled fabric exclusively. Denim remakes, fabrics repurposed, always giving textiles another…
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Meet the Maker

What I do:

Textiles. Creating. Repurposing. The things that I am passionate about are here.  As a sewer, maker, and creator....I offer one of a kind creations using up-cycled textiles, imagination, and respect for materials. 

Fabrics come from thrift shops, auctions, donations, etc. It is time intensive to find ,'harvest' and prepare fabrics for reuse.  Being aware of the textile waste in our world has prompted me to reuse all that I can (and soap box about fast fashion at every opportunity).  Google 'Fast Fashion''ll understand my passion.  

No new fabrics are harmed in the making of any items in this shop!

Ridiculously fun to make, LOVEpiecefully Bucket Hats are a walking billboard for reducing textile waste while you look great!

Read on to find out how this all started: 

Rewind to the beginning of the pandemic. In 2020 when no PPE was available for nurses and doctors. I thought I could help in some small way, so I dug out my sewing machine and started sewing. Soon, my husband and I were making and donating masks....lots and lots of masks. We worked at this full time 'job' for months and months. Working with the AUNTIE SEWING SQUAD on FB, he and I made and donated nearly 9,000 masks and sent them to people in need all over the country.  Un-homed, migrants, our indigenous population...the forgotten folks. We are all only as healthy as our most vulnerable neighbors.

The thing about making 9,000 masks is that you create a TON of fabric scraps.I knew that I could not just toss these pieces of fabric out.

So, I started making. Bucket Hats, probably because of the endless design possibilities became my thing.

Tremendous resources are used to create fabrics, we need to use them to their fullest before we are done with them. It's just the right thing to do.

So, wear a reclaimed fabric doubt friends will ask you where it came from. You can start a great ECO-centered conversation, and you will be an environmental hero! 

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Shop Policies

Please message me with any questions you may have before you make a purchase.  

Please be sure to measure your head before you order a hat! 

Hats are non-returnable (it's a hygiene thing).  

All items are shipped in 1-2 days via USPS mail.  I only ship to the United States.  Where shipping is not included in the price, I will bundle multiple orders to save you money on shipping.  

I will not share your personal information with anyone.  I will only use it as needed to complete your order. 

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This is sure to become my favorite go to hat! It's so beautifully crafted and all the detailing shows just how much love was put into it.

Sandra Wallace



I really love this hat! And the size was perfect! I have a big head and lots of extra hair