Veri Peri Gar Fish Scale Needle Minder - Cover Minder - Refrigerator Magnet - Pinless Brooch


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This Veri Peri Gar Fish Scale Flower Needle Minder, Cover Minder is ideal for keeping your needle safe between sessions of working on your Cross Stitch canvas, Needlework project, or holding that pesky “cover paper” out of your way while working on your Diamond Painting. Can you imagine no more crawling around on the floor looking for that lost needle?  How nice will it be not having to use plain old tape to hold that cover paper out of the way on your WIP?  This will make an awesome addition to your Minder collection.  It’s also the perfect gift for the Crafter in your life.  

Many people even wear them as a Brooch, so they do not put holes in their expensive clothing.  Some people use them as Refrigerator or Decorative Magnets, too!  I can even add a jump ring to put it on a chain and turn it into a beautiful Pendant Necklace for you!

It is shown on a 6” Embroidery Hoop and/or a 4”x4” piece of Cover Paper for size determination.

Custom orders are welcomed!  If you are looking for a particular item or color that I do not have listed, please contact me.  I might have it in my stock and it just hasn't been listed yet or I will do my best to get the supplies to make it for you! 

Some of my items are one of a kind and cannot be duplicated, so if you want it, grab it before someone else does, because when it’s gone, it’s gone!

WHAT IS A COVER MINDER/NEEDLE MINDER?  I'm so glad you asked...

A Needle Minder - Cover Minder is a pretty, decorative piece that has a magnet attached to the underside.  They come with a second magnet which is placed behind your fabric or light pad to keep the minder in place. It’s perfect for keeping your needle safe between stitching, without getting lost or damaging the fabric of your Cross Stitch, Needlepoint, or Embroidery project.  It’s also great for holding that pesky “cover paper” out of your way when you are Diamond Painting.  Needle minders are also ideal for keeping threads together when parking and can be used to hold your chart in place.  More and more people are wearing them as a Brooch to prevent putting holes in their clothing.  They make beautiful Refrigerator Magnets, too!

If you would like a “button” attached to the back magnet for easy removal, you can add that option.  Most who use them as Cover Minders state that they prefer them with no button, however when used as Needle Minders, many like the button added.


All of my Minders are made with love and to the highest possible quality in a smoke free environment.  Because these items are made to order I need to allow time for adhesives to dry and cure properly before packaging.

I only use Rare Earth Neodymium magnets.  These are the strongest magnets commercially available making them most suitable for use in needle minders and cover minders.  They are silver in color and can be fragile so it’s never a good idea to let them bang together. It is always best to slide them apart.

I use a very strong Industrial strength adhesive to obtain the strongest bond possible.  

To use, simply slide the two magnets apart, place the decorative top on the front of your project and place the second magnet underneath your project.

*Due to the strength of the magnets, to prevent cracking or breaking of the magnets, please do not allow them to clash together*

**If you need exact measurements of any item, please message me directly**

***These magnets are very strong and are a choking hazard. Please be sure to keep them away from children, pets, electronics, and electronic medical devices***

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Scales are removed from the fish skin by boiling for 12 hours a day for 3 days.

Once removed, scales are sanitized for 48 hours.  After they dry out from the sanitizer they will be put into dye until they get to the color that I am looking for.  After 24 hours of drying they are ready to be used.

Now the fun part begins!  

I arrange the scales in a circle, changing each one until it looks like I want it to.  Once I have the look that I want, each scale is glued onto the backing individually with a strong adhesive.  

I follow the same steps for the second and third layer of scales.

I use different things in the center depending on the flower, such as rhinestones, scales, mustard seeds, etc.

Now that the glue has set, the flower is sprayed with a clear, Polyurethane finish.  This will dry for 24 hours and a second and final coat will be applied drying for another 24 hours.

A Rare Earth Neodymium magnet is attached to the back with an industrial strength adhesive.  Each flower comes with a second magnet to hold your flower in place.

Your beautiful flower is ready to be shipped!

I can also drill a hole in one of the scales and add a jump ring to turn it into a pendant.

Hey Y'all. I'm Lisa and the creator of The Dancin Daisy.  Helping people has always been my passion. I was a paramedic/firefighter for 30 plus years, until I retired in 2016.  I have been crafting as stress relief all of my life, and now am able to spend lots of time creating things.

Now that I don't work on an ambulance or firetruck, I have found a new passion...I love creating new items for you to enjoy! 

I love the rivers, lakes, and beaches here in, and around, South Louisiana, so I have started creating items with oyster shells and fish scales. It makes me happy to create items that will make others smile and fulfills my need of "helping" by making you happy! :)

Also, whether its Diamond Painting or any kind of Needle Work - I like to create new items, embellish items, or re-purpose items for your crafting enjoyment. A lot of people tend to wear my pieces as a magnetic brooch, so they do not put holes in their expensive clothing.

I treat each piece that I create with love and care. I am able to customize most anything so don't hesitate to reach out and ask!

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