Walnut EDC Catch All Tray

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About this Product

Beautiful walnut catchall tray perfect for holding watches, keys, phones, pens, SD cards and anything to help keep you organized. Overall dimensions are 9" x 6" x .75" with a .5" deep pocket. Tray is finished with my own food grade mineral oil and beeswax blend. This is a natural wood product and should not be submerged in water, to clean just wipe with a damp cloth and dry immediately. If the tray ever loses it's luster it can be easily brought back by applying a small amount of mineral oil or food safe wax and buffing to desired sheen.

Lumber Josh Designs

Ventura, CA

Meet the Maker

Who am I?

I am Lumber Josh, a small one man woodworking shop based in Ventura, California and I have a passion for creating something from nothing. I truly believe that there is no such thing as “bad wood” and every piece has a potential to be something beautiful to someone, whether it be exotic hardwoods, construction grade lumber or reclaimed pallet wood.

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