Wood "We the People" American Flags

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21"x11.25" wood American flag with "We the People" carved into it. Each flag is made by me on my cnc in my home shop and then torch burned and stained by hand. The back of the flag has 2 support to help keep it flat as well as gives it a 3/4" relief from the wall. There is a keyhole routed into each support spaced out at 16" on center to make hanging easy and secure. Each flag is finished with a gloss lacquer and is intended for indoor use.

*Wood is a natural product that reacts to stains and flames differently therefore each flag will be uniquely different.

*All flags are made to order

*Please specify "standard" or "Betsy Ross 1776"

Lumber Josh Designs

Ventura, CA

Meet the Maker

Who am I?

I am Lumber Josh, a small one man woodworking shop based in Ventura, California and I have a passion for creating something from nothing. I truly believe that there is no such thing as “bad wood” and every piece has a potential to be something beautiful to someone, whether it be exotic hardwoods, construction grade lumber or reclaimed pallet wood.

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