Woodburned Mini Forks

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Beautiful Maine wood shaped into reusable forks, great for cheese, olives, pickles... or an easy grab for your toddler. Hand rubbed with Maine beeswax, and embellished with simple hand drawn designs burned into the wood. 5"

Offered in sets of four with matching designs, and many designs available. (please let me choose for you)

On Olive Street

Madison, ME

Meet the Maker

Hello! Welcome to my quaint little shop, and to my wee fledgling project!

A mother, doula, artist/educator, and former vegatarian cafe owner, whenever possible all of the natural ingredients & materials used to create these handcrafted items come from right here in Maine.

Currently nestled in my cozy brookside cottage near the historic Lakewood Theater in Madison, my offerings include hand blended loose leaf teas, wooden rolling pins, cheese boards, & spoons; and  wool felted art.  The wool I use was produced locally by sheep living on an Island off the coast of Maine, and processed less than fifteen miles from my house in Freedom.

Sales from this shop will help to support my vision for Olive Street, with a mission statement that includes to eventually make it a self-supporting creative artists' community. Proceeds presently go towards garden maintenance, building upkeep, feeding the birds, and baking biscuts to share with guests at tea time. Please visit https://onolivestreet.blogspot to read a bit about the project, and how to get involved.

I am so proud to have my shop hosted by goimagine, who donate 100% of their own profits from the site to charity. If you haven't yet, please read more about just how they do that and to whom the money goes, at https://goimagine.com/caring-e...

Thank you for stopping by!

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