MAGNETIC Spectre Tiles

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About this Product

These are the Spectre tiles, but with magnets to make the tiles easier to use. Because of how the tiling is constructed, the 14 sides have limits on which sides can connect. By alternating the magnetic direction of adjacent sides (including the longer, "double side"), only the correct edges will be attracted.

In addition to enforcing the constraint, the magnets also make the tiles far less frustrating to work with. Groups of tiles remain attached as you move them. The tiles jump together.

These tiles are much more costly to make than my other tiles. Each of the 14 magnets is individually placed and glued in place. The magnets are 3mm diameter by 2mm depth. The attraction is moderate, so that the tiles stay together, but are easily separated.

In case you are worried, I have a reference tile that defines the direction of the domains. All tiles will be made with the same magnetic orientation.

These come in groups of 20 (twenty).

Note:  These tiles contain many small, powerful magnets, which must not be swallowed. These are not appropriate for use by children.  For information, please see this article by the National Capital Poison Center:

Carvings by Carl

Wayland, MA

Meet the Maker

Hello.  I am Carl Mikkelsen.  I make custom Challah boards, cutting boards, and engagement ring presentation boxes.  I also make math exploration tools for planar tilings.

Enjoy my listings, and please message me about your custom projects.  I thrive on making new things based on your vision and my abilities.

How it’s Made

These tiles are 3D printed of two colors of PLA plastic.  Magnets are pressed into slots in the tiles, and affixed with cyanoacrylate adhesive.

Shop Policies

Custom work is not returnable.  If the work is defective, I will remake or correct it, and may require that ship it back to me for repair.

Work from stock is returnable within 30 days.  Contact me and I will give you return instructions.

My goal is to always leave you content with the outcome.

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