Spectre Tiles -- new aperiodic tiling with no reflections

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About this Product

From "A Chiral Aperiodic Monotile", these are even newer than the Einstein tiles.  These tiles will aperiodically tile the plane with the additional constraint that none of the tiles are reflected, or flipped over. By making the two sides of different colors, it is easy to be sure they all face the same way.

This is the link to the paper that defines the tiles, and gives information about the proof, and how to perform a tiling: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2305.17743.pdf?

These follow the earlier announcement of the Einstein hat tiles, which I also have also made and offer here.

Although I love the math of the monotiles, my first love is the Penrose dart and kite tiles. Check my other listings for these.

Carvings by Carl

Wayland, MA

Meet the Maker

Hello.  I am Carl Mikkelsen.  I make custom Challah boards, cutting boards, and engagement ring presentation boxes.  I also make math exploration tools for planar tilings.

Enjoy my listings, and please message me about your custom projects.  I thrive on making new things based on your vision and my abilities.

How it’s Made

I designed this based on the pre-print papers, and print them on my 3D printer.  Because the tesselation rules prohibit flipping the tiles, I made one side red and one side blue.

I also make magnetic tiles, which use the magnetic polarization to inhibit some incorrect tile placements, and give a gentle tug to hold tiles together.

Shop Policies

Custom work is not returnable.  If the work is defective, I will remake or correct it, and may require that ship it back to me for repair.

Work from stock is returnable within 30 days.  Contact me and I will give you return instructions.

My goal is to always leave you content with the outcome.

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