Custom Master Hand & Crazy Hand Amiibo Set

please allow about 5 days from order to shipping, but I will try to have some ready in advance so…

About this Product

This listing is for two custom amiibo. The set contains both Master Hand and Crazy Hand. At first I wasn't sure which pose to go with, but I finally settled with their walking attacks. Since they each have a unique animation it worked out perfectly and after a few revisions I finally settled on the ones pictured. I wanted the models to look dynamic so both models balance themselves on one finger indicating that they are on the move (Crazy Hand also balances himself on his thumb off of the base). Just FYI like most customs these are made out of resin so try to handle them with some care. Mainly don't put too much pressure where the finger and base make contact. They're not super fragile or anything like that, but just wanted to inform so that your customs last as long as possible.

NOTE: My bases don't contain an NFC tag. In other words, they are not a functioning amiibo. If I have NFC tags, which I use for unrelated projects, I can put one in the base but I can't write a spoofed amiibo to it.

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