Custom Mr.Game & Watch Amiibo

Would you like the complete set or just the figurine
They're usually made to order so depending on volume or orders there could be up to a 5 day wait…

About this Product

This is a custom Mr.Game and Watch amiibo. A perfect gift for Game & Watch mains. He has a realistic body and is holding his frying pan. I use a flexible resin for this model to make it more durable since the frying pan handle is on the thinner side. I've dropped the model and it has passed the break test, but of course that all depends on how it lands. He should fit into the official base well enough, so if you want just the figure I'll add that option.
ATTENTION: Just fyi my custom's bases don't include an NFC chip. In other words the base is not a functioning Amiibo. It's meant for display purposes only. If you own the official Game & Watch base you can always insert the figure into that base and use it as intended.

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