Custom Mr.Game & Watch Final Smash Trophy

Expect about 5 days before I ship. I'll try to make some in advance though so who knows maybe I…

About this Product

*The pictures and video are from the prototype. I've done a few improvements to the model and also need to paint the bottom of the legs to blend in with the base, but I can't use the airbrush due to the cold weather. As soon as the weather warms up a little I'll be able to paint and ship out any orders.

This is a custom Mr.Game & Watch statue modeled after his Final Smash. In Smash Bros. Mr.Game & Watch transforms into the Octopus and grabs his opponents. I figured this was an excellent opportunity to incorporate the official amiibo as the opponents especially since the idea of Smash Bros. is that the fighters are toys (FYI I own the smash line, but I never opened them so I've only been able to test it on a few amiibo. The skinny ones fit fine, but the bigger ones like Koopa are too large). However, because not everyone owns amiibo I also added a switch out option featuring the diver from the Octopus game. There are two different front "legs", one with the diver's legs attached and one without. As you can see from the pictures, the front tentacles either complete the diver set or can be switched out with the connecting tentacles to hold an amiibo. The front tentacles are held by magnets so you can switch between both options fast. Finally, I also added a hole underneath the body to insert an 8mm clear acrylic rod in case you want to display the model floating in your own project or something. Both the base and the figure are solid, so I don't expect any breaks during shipping. It is made out of resin though so don't drop it.

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