Mr.Game & Watch Insert Set

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About this Product

This is a custom set of Mr.Game & Watch inserts which are inspired by his classic games and which were brought back in Smash Bros Ultimate. For this set I have included some of his most popular attacks. You have his neutral B Chef and I've included the individual food items. You also have his sneaky down tilt Sewer, neutral A Air Pump, down air Key, and nair Fishbowl. I also knew I wanted to add his down B Oil Panic, but I wasn't sure which pose to use. I finally decided on the one pictured since his menacing smile adds a lot of character to the pose. Last, but not least, there's his up tilt Flag which works great as a quick taunt since Sakurai decided to remove online taunting. They are made out of resin and I used a special elastic resin to make them more durable. That being said it's still resin so try not to drop them (I've dropped them on purpose and they've passed the drop test, but it really just depends on how they land sometimes). They should fit the official Game & Watch base. They fit mine just fine, but idk maybe yours is different. I also included an option with one discounted base in case you need one. Also, these are obviously meant to be viewed from one side ("frontside") and sometimes the "backside" will have a few errors on it. This is just something that happens in the process of making them, but again it isn't always the case. As for the paint job they have a flat black finish. They will be made to order but I am making some in advance to speed up delivery. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions. I usually answer pretty quickly.

ATTENTION: FYI my custom's bases don't include an NFC chip. In other words, the base is not a functioning Amiibo. It's meant for display purposes only. If you own the official Game & Watch base you can always insert the figures into that base and use it as intended.

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