GNOMES - A 2024 Calendar and Gnome Figurine

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About this Product

BEHOLD THE GNOMES! Keep up with your year with a beautiful, twelve-month wall calendar that's wire bound. This gorgeous calendar measures 11x8.5 when closed, but it becomes a gorgeous 22x8.5 when open. Gnomes are hand-crafted from clay, baked, and hand painted. I created the gnomes, took the photos, and had the calendars printed. By the way, gnome beards are made of faux fur, so don't worry because they don't have the dander that'll make ya sneeze. :) Each calendar comes with a gnome featured in the calendar. This is a limited run. There are ONLY 12 calendars available. Once they're gone, they're gone forever.


Gnomes were packed into identical boxes, shuffled, and numbered. You'll receive the box with the next number on it. Example: First order gets box one, second order gets box two. I do NOT know which gnome is in which box. That's the fun of it! Images of the gnomes and their pages are above.

Artworks by Jo

Canton, GA
This shop will be updated once every six months or so. It takes time to create my artworks, and it takes even more time to photograph them and pack…
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Hi there! I'm Jo Michaels. I'm a writer, photographer, designer, artist, and baker. I started with painting, moved to photography, got a degree in graphic design (where I also took fine art classes), spent a few years writing novels and being a book designer, baked on YouTube, and have come full circle back to painting. Skills I learned along the way have come in handy with my art. I grew up in Louisiana, so you'll see art inspired by that culture often around here. ;) It's nice to meet you all, and I look forward to providing you with gorgeous artworks to enhance your living spaces.

I don't show artwork on walls using an app because it's really difficult to get the size just right AND get a quality image. I've done my best to add dimensions to the pictures so you can whip out your tape measure and go to it.

We ship sustainably, and all our packaging is either reused or has been made from recycled cardboard. You can shop with a clear conscience. :) Thank you to everyone who's been waiting for my art to hit the site. You guys are amazing!

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How it’s Made

Each gnome was hand crafted by me, and then each one was staged and photographed with the background. I then used a printer to create the product.

Shop Policies

Everything here is original art, either painted or crafted by me. Returns are allowed within the first two weeks. If you get your artwork, and you just hate it, please let me know. I'll happily work with you to resolve the issue. Images will be required, proving no damage, before the item is shipped back to me. Insurance on items with a value of over $100 will be included on my end when I ship to you, and I expect the same in return. If any artwork arrives damaged, take photos and contact me right away so we can get it resolved.

Orders will be shipped once a week on Tuesdays. Tracking information will be provided at that time.

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More From This Maker

Canton, GA
Canton, GA
Canton, GA